A Whole Lot of New in the New Year

O'Connor, Pagano and AssociatesInsights

While April 15 dominates our time and attention, as it does every year, 2019 already has plenty of activity we want to share with you.

One new thing is the fact that you are reading this on our new website. We discovered that many clients weren’t aware of our full range of services and the gamut of specialty areas we cover. Our updated website allows us to showcase what we do and the challenges we help clients tackle — and highlights important ideas and information in this accounting-centered blog. (We’ve also included links to our sister companies Forensic Valuation Litigation and O’Connor & Associates that provide additional expertise in the discrete areas of forensic accounting and international accounting.)

On the website, we also share a bit about the background of our talented professional staff. They bring a depth of experience to the firm from their work with government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals. And, we must confess, it was a nice break from our usual tasks to sit for professional photographs. (It was kind of a trip down Memory Lane, as the experience reminded us of sitting for school portraits!)

Secondly, and of a more terrestrial nature, we’ve expanded our practice to include an additional office in Mt. Lebanon. We’re excited to provide a more convenient location for our growing roster of South Hills-based clients. But not to worry. For those of you who like our long-time home on Pittsburgh’s Northside (and the excuse to stop in at Penn Brewery), our main office is not going anywhere.

In all, we’re excited about these changes and looking forward to a bright and productive year in 2019 with all of you.