Changes to State and Local Sales Tax: How Does the Wayfair Ruling Affect You?

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Every small and mid-sized business selling goods over the internet needs to reevaluate how they handle sales tax after the Wayfair ruling by the Supreme Court. It is, quite literally, a taxing problem. A brief history lesson is in order. Decided in June, the case settled a long-standing issue of state sales tax collection regarding online sales. As MarketWatch reported … Read More

By the Book: Accurate Bookkeeping Will Build Your Business

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In our business — and for your business — it’s important do things by the book. As in keeping excellent books. At its core, bookkeeping is the gateway to smart business planning. Take the case of small business owners. Whey they start off, their first and quite reasonable priority is to bring money in the door so they can keep … Read More

A Whole Lot of New in the New Year

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While April 15 dominates our time and attention, as it does every year, 2019 already has plenty of activity we want to share with you. One new thing is the fact that you are reading this on our new website. We discovered that many clients weren’t aware of our full range of services and the gamut of specialty areas we … Read More